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Donaji & the Magical Poncho - short film here on NG!

2017-03-16 15:47:23 by Shi-Gu

Finally it is here as promised!
Took over a year to finish, between school and this being the first time I work together with voice actors and a musician. It's been a challenging but rewarding experience.


[About the story]
I wrote Donaji's story back in 2011 for a school project and designed the main characters shortly after for another assignment. In 2014, I adapted it into an animated interactive e-book for a contest I didn't win, after which I tried to find a way for it to get published at an editorial, but it didn't work out.
Then in December 2015 I began to work on the animated film version, recycling the original interactive animation's clips and adding whole new sequences.
And now, in 2017 Donaji finally debuts in her original story as a protagonist!
This story is related to my previous film:

Black Feathers (2013)

This story will continue in the form of a webcomic, in which both characters, Donaji and Itzcacalotl (from Black Feathers) meet each other and set on to a great adventure in Mesoamerica.
You can see a teaser for it after the credits in this animation.


I've been looking forward to this moment for so long that now I don't know what to say about it, so without further ado...
Enjoy and hope you like it!



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2017-03-18 07:10:01

Fantastic work!

Shi-Gu responds: