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Finally it is here as promised!
Took over a year to finish, between school and this being the first time I work together with voice actors and a musician. It's been a challenging but rewarding experience.

[About the story]
I wrote Donaji's story back in 2011 for a school project and designed the main characters shortly after for another assignment. In 2014, I adapted it into an animated interactive e-book for a contest I didn't win, after which I tried to find a way for it to get published at an editorial, but it didn't work out.
Then in December 2015 I began to work on the animated film version, recycling the original interactive animation's clips and adding whole new sequences.
And now, in 2017 Donaji finally debuts in her original story as a protagonist!
This story is related to my previous film:

Black Feathers (2013)

This story will continue in the form of a webcomic, in which both characters, Donaji and Itzcacalotl (from Black Feathers) meet each other and set on to a great adventure in Mesoamerica.
You can see a teaser for it after the credits in this animation.


I've been looking forward to this moment for so long that now I don't know what to say about it, so without further ado...
Enjoy and hope you like it!


Donaji & the Magical Poncho

2017-02-23 21:55:15 by Shi-Gu



Official poster for my upcoming short film, Donaji & the Magical Poncho, now with a set release date on March 16th!

I wrote the story back in 2011, did the interactive animated e-book in 2014 and began this animated film version on december 2015, but just until now it’s done and ready to see the light.
Been working on this over a year, but it’s been worth it.

The animation will be out with voices in spanish and subtitles in english.
Stay tuned!

I did a thing... a 3D thing ;D

Reason I'm not submitting it to the portal is because it is too short and most of the time people here on NG tend to vote negatively on pretty short stuff; besides, I don't think a turntable is actual portal material.

Mechameleon 02 Ninja Trioceros © Camilo Moncada Lozano

Unfinished Compilation

2013-04-07 14:03:49 by Shi-Gu

I haven't uploaded anything here in ages, so I'll leave you with this little compilation of all my unfinished projects that I've made for this site, which explains my absence.
Hope you enjoy, will come back soon with a couple real things to submit, stay tuned!

Music is from the audio portal, by ParagonX9 - Infiltration

Dancing Demons vol.3

2010-07-04 23:16:00 by Shi-Gu

Hey! I'm back with a new flash submission!

I'm proud to present you Dancing Demons Volumen 3 - Vegetable Juice Edition!

Instead of telling you what is it about, watch it yourself in the portal! Dancing Demons vol.3

This was a project that took a real long time due the amount of detail I added to it, but I think it was worth it. Still, this was just a project for pure fun and for those persons that actually enjoy this kind of stuff.

Yeah, if there's vol. 3 it means there must be a volume 1 and 2. Indeed there are, but those are just loops and they're not on NG, but you can watch them at my DeviantART account!

Shi-Gu on DeviantART

Dancing Demons vol.1
Dancing Demons vol.2

Enjoy please and vote now!

Dancing Demons vol.3

3D animation in Maya

2010-03-27 22:39:07 by Shi-Gu

Hello NG people!
I'm sorry for not updating frecuently, it's just school is terribly consuming my time and it's not worth soming here if I haven't uploaded some good flash.
Anyway, I wanted to update something important.
I'm learning 3D animation using Autodesk Maya! It's awesome!
I'm implementing this on my next flash animations and I hope you like it, I see this as a great step in my animation skills!
I won't upload something 3D to newgrounds soon because it needs time to do something decent, but you can see some examples In my 3D art Gallery

Enjoy! :D

3D animation in Maya


2010-01-14 13:48:32 by Shi-Gu

Hello there my Newgrounds followers!
Most of you may think I'm a lazy bastard, not doing anything instead of working on flashes or Wrath of Shadow episodes, yeah, I just uploaded 3 flashes on 2009.
But you're wrong, that's because you only see what I upload here, but what you don't know is that I do a lot of more things, drawings, stories, poems and flash shorts that aren't worth being on NG alone, and I upload all that on DevianART, please visit me at my account there, I'm much more active, and if it's flash what you're looking for, I have plenty flash shorts, both serious and funny in my FLASH FOLDER. You should check there for REAL updates since I'm not so active here.

Thanks, if you have a DA account I would apreciate your comments! :D


How Morons Stole X-mas!

2010-01-01 03:00:08 by Shi-Gu

Hello there people!
Finnally I'm done with my latest flash, Three Guys and a Demon: How Morons Stole Christmas!

I'm sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be here for christmas but it took too long and just today I had it ready. Now it is here on the portal and I would apreciate if you watch it and vote fairly on it! How Morons Stole Christmas

Hope you enjoy it and HAPPY 2010!!!

Three Guys and a demon: How morons stole christmas

2009-12-17 09:41:01 by Shi-Gu

Hello there people!
I know I haven't been very active in NG for the past 9 months! D: That's awful!
But I'm making a comeback! Yes, I'm working on flash again ready to do a great return to this awesome webpage.
I'm sorry for WOS fans but you're going to wait a little more before episode 9, maybe until summer vacations again D:
This time I'm uploading something "original", people, I'm glad to present my project:

Three guys and a demon: How morons stole christmas!
This is a collaborative christmas flash I'm making along with my friends Shadowmjl and Sucker the Sandhog.
It will be a short comedy starring us three and one of my original characters, Shi-Gu (YES, I know you must think "I thought you were Shi-Gu", yeah, that's my username but Shi-Gu is actually an original character I created, not myself, in my story I'm known as Camilo or The Lord of the Crows but meh, you'll understand someday)
This will also be my first flash with voice acting so I hope everything comes out well, the only thing that makes me worried is that I haven't finished and christmas is coming soon so I hope I can submit this before and maybe win a trophy or even the christmas contest :D


That's all people, have a nice day, and by the way, the pic below are in order from left to right: Arnor (Sucker the sandhog), Camilo (Shi-Gu), Val (Shadowmjl). To see the picture in a good size come here: Three Turbo Knights

Three Guys and a demon: How morons stole christmas

Wrath of Shadow episode 8 HERE!!! [TROPHY]

2009-04-17 22:13:46 by Shi-Gu

[EDIT] Yay! I won daily five! I'm soooo happy!!! XD

Finnally! it's DONE! and it is AWESOME!!!! XD
Wrath of Shadow episode 8 is now available to watch in the portal! Wrath of Shadow ep.8: Demon's True Power of course, WOS's best episode so far, I improved a lot in my flash skills and I'm really proud of the BIG SHOWDOWN in this episode.
Please leave me a review and tell me if you find a problem with it (Yes, I know some buttons in the scene select doesn't works but I just couldn't repair them)
Vote fairly too!

Wrath of Shadow episode 8 HERE!!! [TROPHY]